Do girls like a composed boring guy, or a guy who says and does stupid and annoying things along with the funny eccentric things?

Because I've come to learn I can only be one or the other.
And don't tell me "aw just be yourself" because annoying and stupid is myself and I've tried like hell to change that. I just can't change who I am.

Oh, and don't be like "well, annoying and stupid is fun because all you want to do is have fun, I love guys that are annoying and stupid" because you're not thinking of annoying, you're thinking of unfunny fun guy.

I'm not unfunny fun guy. I'm straight up annoying. I've been told by people that I am a crazy, stupid, annoying, occasionally funny, sarcastic weirdo. And I'm ok with that.

So which personality is the best?

  • Boring but composed cool guy
  • An energetic guy who says and does annoying stupid but funny and eccentric things.
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  • Well neither are that good. But if you're annoying she's going to lose interest very quickly, I can guarantee you can change the fact that you're annoying, perhaps think about what you're doing before you do it. It depends how extreme we're talking here I guess.

    • Nope. If I think about what I'm about to say and I stop myself I end up not saying anything and become the boring but composed cool guy.

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  • I always seem to be an "enigma" to girls and it works for me.

  • Girls love those guys who are cool/bad/jerks, etc.. They deny it all the time, but who's getting laid? The guy in the rock band, the drug dealer, the asshole, it's no surprise, girls love aggressive guys. Just check your local college campus, high school, bar, club, and you'll see for yourself.

    Then supposedly these girls grow up and aren't as physically attractive as they were in their 20s. Then they find a nice guy to settle down with, just because $$$. But they'll say that their bad boy phase has passed, all that BS.

    But they'll never forget the bad guys they've banged in the past. They want him still. They want that thrill. They don't actually love the man they married, they'll cheat in a goddamn heartbeat when they get the chance. It happens all the time.