How can you tell if a guy likes you?

So there is this guy at my work that I'm pretty into. And I mean where I work, my boss is literally just 3 years older than me, so he's almost more of a friend than a boss. And well, apparently he's noticed that I like this dude. So tonight me and the boss man were working later, but there wasn't much to do so we were kinda just milling around trying to pick stuff to do until we had to go. And we started talking about this dude. The boss was like "So what's up with you and (insert crush's name)? You like him right? I mean you're always flirting with him."

And I didn't even realize I was being that obvious. So oops.

Now the boss man seems to be pretty supportive of this "possible" relationship between me and the dude. The dude is kinda one of his friends even, and I've actually noticed that he and one of the other supervisors that apparently know I like him kinda go out of their ways to send me to the guy to give him breaks, and him to me, and one time they even had me working with him for two hours to "help" even though there wasn't really anything to help him with.

But the boss didn't say anything about how the dude feels about me, and I wasn't sure if I should have asked or not because I didn't want to like over step.

So guys, what are some things you do when you like a girl? I know everyone is different, but I wanna at least be able to figure out if I have a chance if that makes sense? Signs, tips, anyone?


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  • He makes excuses to talk or hang out with you
    Invites you to any group hang out


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  • Has he shown any interest

    • That's what I'm trying to figure out