Girls, Do white girls generally like Asian guys?

I'm Asian, but I've felt ashamed of not being attracted to most Asian girls. But I do not hate anyone. It's because it's really hard to find an Asian girl that fits my standards. The Asian girls that are into me are either too young or not attractive to me. The ones I'm into wouldn't even notice me.

I don't know if I'm weird. I found most white girls attractive, their looks and personality. at least the most white girls I saw in Hollywood films. Do you feel the same? I plan to settle down with one in future. Is it possible? Am I weird?


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  • Lol yo most white girls you see in Hollywood films are obviously gorgeous lol they are in films for a good reason lol
    Anyways, no. You find Caucasian more attractive than other race is not weird or issue you absolutely should not feel ashamed of it or whatsoever. It's just your preference.
    I know a few Asian guys more attracted to white girls. And they date white girls most time so should you.

    • Lol, was I that funny to make you lol 3times

      Thank you by the way. I mean I find most White girls I've seen attractive in comparison with others. Is it normal? Do you feel the same?

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