Guys, what have you learned so far in the dating scene?

Lads, what have you learned in your years through experiences about dating (and before-dating/flirting), making women to like you, how to approach her, how to act, anything in this direction?

For example: I have learned If you somehow show to a girl you like her, and then completely disappear for week or two, she became interested in you...

Now, it's your turn :)

from year and a half ago until now... I have learned:never ever leave your hobbies, your joy, your time (free- and study-time), ANYTHING just because a girl you like or girlfriend. Don't ever dare to think she is worth leaving all this behind!


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  • I was a "shy guy" until I was 20 and didn't date until that point, but even in just the last 6 years of experience I've learned a lot and will hopefully continue to learn in the future. Here are some of the finer points I've encountered (some were learned the hard way):

    **Take one day at a time -- Rome wasn't built in one day, and neither are successful dating relationships. I found out to let things proceed on their own course instead of trying to rush everything at the start. Get to know one another, and let things happen naturally.

    **Do not get physically involved too quickly -- This follows up on my first point, and was a mistake that I had made in my first serious dating situation. I went farther than I should have with someone because I thought that the girl wanted to build something long-term. I read way too far into things at the time and thought that the girl involved wanted a relationship, when in reality she just wanted some action (though she never outright said that, her actions spoke for her there). There are times when the faster things heat up, the faster they fizzle out.

    **Don't blindly take people at their word no matter what -- This was another one I had to learn the hard that even though I didn't lie, cheat on or intentionally mislead the people I dated, there are other people out there who don't have quite the same standards. Basically, it comes down to keeping your eyes and ears open and using some common sense. If you think someone is deceiving you, don't wait to call them out on it.


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  • So that means we shouldn't take it personally when men mysteriously fall off the planet? It really means they're purposely hurting our feelings because they want us to like them?

    I don't put up with that sh*t... I'll just cut you off. Who has time for games and hurt feelings? Been there.. Done that. No thanks.

    Its pretty sad that mind games actually work on some girls though.. Bummer for them.


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  • Take your time with a girl,don't rush things DO NOT fell in love with her unless you will see it's worth it. IF a girl treats you like sh*t meaning ( she doesn't call you back for days or if you TXTing and she do not reply for hours because she basically teasing you and testing you. Test her back. To be honest I'm Russian and IT IS SOOOOOO MUCH easer with Russian girls. I mean we go straight to the point. It takes less then a week to see if she likes you or not, and wants a relationship or not, and if no, we don't harm their feelings and they don't harm yours, no FREAKING TESTS or TEASING and nobody insults at the end. The best part is if it didn't work out between us we STILL be friends and I she can help you find a girl that I'm looking for and you can do the same thing. No offence but with American girl it is a completely different story and I don't want to start.

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