I thought we had a great time?

So I met this guy online and we had so much in common! He said he would teach me all this stuff about hobbies we are both into. Well we went out - dinner then back to his house, no moves were made- and I was there until the early morning, again just watching movies and shows. Then the next day before I could, he told me how great of a time he had. I thought everything was great. We were snap chatting a ton. Then I asked him to hang out and he said he was going away with friends... okay no problem. Then that next week I asked again, bc I'm impatient and I have no problem making the move. Well I may have asked him a couple different times to hang out and he comments on the other part of the conversation, not answering my question to hang out. He still snaps me throughout the day but he won't make that jump to asking me out again or agreeing to go out again. Can someone please shed some light here because I really like him but I have essentially no dating experience.

My question is what the hell is he thinking?


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  • Rule of thumb if you have to chase the guy after a date "he's just not that into you" which I recommend watching as it will clearly explain your situation.


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  • That's very weird..
    If a guy wasn't interested he wouldn't snap chat you talk to you that much though..
    It could be either
    1. He wants to date other people too and just putting you on the side for now
    2. He has some personal issue that he can't share with you that he couldn't see you now (but he could have given you other excuses though)
    3. He already has someone prior (could be his girlfriend or someone he's been seeing that he likes more) and he couldn't see you now

    I really don't get your guy lol why on earth he contact you tons time and not asked you out.
    Since you are ok with making the move first and being straight forward, why don't you ask him what's going on? Or just cut the contacts and see what he does..

    • Sounds like you're just as confused as I am. I am wondering if my appearance has something to do with it, as I look very young.

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  • Hmm... Sorry, but it seems to me he's keeping his options open. 😐

    • What exactly does that mean? I'm SOL or just wait it out, be my charming self, and maybe something will change? I mean do guys ever go from player to boyfriend material just like that?

    • Well, it could happen. If I were you, I'd play it casual and keep him in the back burner as well.

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  • just give it sometime , did you ask him what was he looking for?

    • No, I guess that'll be my next question. Thanks!

    • of course! if u tell a guy what u want and if he doesn't know what he wants move on find some who will be a man and treat you like a queen