The exclusive talk?

So I met a man online, we've been hanging out and going on dates regularly for around 3 months, and we talk almost everyday. We recently just had sex for the first time as well (which was super awkward and kind of hilarious, but that's besides the point because we're still planning the next date lol)
He has 2 children who he has half custody of, and I met them a few weeks ago when I went over to his place, he had no quams in introducing me to them. I have two daughters as well, ones 8 months old and he's met her a few times already, the other is 7 and does not even know about him as she was at her father's when we met.
He mentioned to me the last time I was with him that he thinks our kids should meet each other. Which I think would be great, except for the fact that I'm pretty reluctant for her to meet someone I'm dating unless it's going somewhere, no need for her to get attached if things don't work out... again.
Now for myself, I'm not seeing anyone else, and even deleted my online profile a few weeks in, but I've never broached the subject with him. I really don't think he'd be the type to date or sleep with multiple women, especially with kids involved, but one never knows.

Should I just bite the awkward conversation and ask him if we're exclusive? Or just assume that we are?


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  • I think you should definitely ask him. I mean, if he thinks that your children should meet each other, it's reasonable of you to ask him that.

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