Does this guy maybe like me more than a friend? Read details pls?

I've been seeing this guy and me and him I guess are kinda like a friends with benefits were friends and we do stuff like making out and stuff because we're both physically attracted to each other but not sex. Today I went to his place as usual and we hung out, djd, watched a movie then at the end of the movie we went to his room and cuddled and watched it and then we made our snd did some stuff and he asked if we could have sex I told him I don't want to and he said "oh yeah you're right we won't do that because I might hurt you" and then we continued kissing (the whole time he was asking if I'm okay and if I'm sure if I wanna do it and if I don't I could just say so) he wanted to let's say do something with his d on me and I said I don't mind and he did it for 10 seconds and he stopped because he said "I can't do it because it seems like you don't want to and it seems like you're not okay" and so we stoped and then after he asked me if he did anything stupid or foolish in a concerned way and I said he didn't and then he said okay good And we went back to cuddling till the movie was done. After that tho we just hung out and didn't touch each other just watching videos like friends would and he offered me to use his wifi to update my phone to iOS 10 even tho he had to go somewhere with his friend. I told him I could leave and he said "no I'm not kicking you out lol you could finish doing it" even tho he would be late for it. Then after I said I had to go and he said I hope you had fun and hugged me, he hugged me really tightly and he asked if I knew how to get home and I said yeah and he said are you sure you'll be okay and get home and I said yeah and then he said "okay see ya, get home safe"

do you think he may possibly like me or not? (I personally like him) and why?


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  • Sounds like it to me. No strings attached never works, lol. Just ask him if he is wanting to make things more than a friendship, that is what a girl did to me. It is not awkward or anything, just an honest question. I mean... you guys do sexual things together, you should be pretty open about things by now xD

    • I would ask him but I'm scared if he doesn't like me and if I ask him and that'll make things awkward and change everything

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    • Nah, we never ended up dating. She was an amazingly sweet girl, pretty too... but she just made decisions I did not agree with or feel comfortable having as a life style. But she knew I liked her cause I would flirt, and she would flirt. Also slapped ass a couple times, lol. And talked about things that would make others very uncomfortable. Also, we went on a couple dates. I think she wanted me to make the first move, but even though I liked her, I did not feel a relationship would be good for us.

    • Ok, I said we never ended up dating, but then said we went on a couple dates. What I meant was we never went on dates as official boyfriend and girlfriend relationship

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  • He seems attracted to you, however I am not so certain if he is serious about you or not.

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