Ex girlfriend mixed signals, what is she going through?

I had been dating my girlfriend for 9 months everything was amazing. Her family loved me and always discussed the future together and my take on kids and all of that. She said I was her best boyfriend ever and she wanted to get married. She broke up with me. After we split we didn't talk for like 2.5 weeks they started to slowly talk again a bit. We hung out one night and had sex and went on a late night run to get food. We had a lot of fun. Then next couple days go to a nice dinner and she tells me she missed me so much and still loves me. Adding she is not interested in anyone else. Dinner. She did say she was glad we're not dating right now so we can take it slow. I agreed. Dinner went really well i could tell she was happy. Even caught her starring at me in the car ride over saying I look really good. The next day she text me saying "everything I said at dinner was true, I just can't even understand myself I love you and will call you Sunday. She never called Sunday... next day she says "she can't do this anymore and "she is not happy". Saying she said the stuff at dinner because she "thought" she was over me. I texted her happy birthday she never responded. Does she just need time? I believe she still truly does love me and has feelings. She was very happy... I don't know why she would say she wasn't. I've cut complete contact.


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  • I am sorry, but it's over. She no longer wants you back. You should definitely move on.

    • It's not something I'm really sweating but she did this before and came back. I'm just trying to figure out what I should do and how to handle it if she does.

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    • "She did say she was glad we're not dating right now so we can take it slow. "
      "she can't do this anymore and "she is not happy".
      I am not saying that to be mean, but if she was still interested in you, she wouldn't have told you that. She would have given your relationship a try instead.

    • Yeah you do have a point. What do I do if I see her again or she text me? Why did she say all of that other stuff about still loving me and missing me? Seems like her real feelings were coming out. I just feel like after time passes she is going to try to get in contact with me again

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