Should I kiss him on the cheek?

The guy im dating is very shy and we've been on four dates and he hasn't even tried to touch me in anyway won't hold my hand or kiss my cheek. If we get together tomorrow I was thinking of playing with his hand a little and pulling him close and just giving him a little kiss on the cheek and then step back a little and see if he wants more? Is this a good way to get him to realize that it's okay to kiss and hold my hand and have basic touch in our relationship?

We've been completely honest and we like each other a lot and we do hug goodbye but that's it


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  • That's great; new relationships are always fun! But having dated my fair share of shy guys... I have a bit of info for you. I wouldn't kiss him, just not yet. You say that you two haven't had any real touching yet... I would highly suggest that you try hugging him or holding his hand before you kiss him. If you kiss him on the cheek, two things will probably happen. Okay, one, he would clam up and get really nervous because he's shy and that might take him by surprise because you two haven't really touched before that. Two, he might even get the wrong idea, if you kiss someone on the cheek it's usually friendly. Do you want your first kiss with the guy to be similar to that of which a relative might give? Don't get me wrong, cheek kisses are very sweet and perfect! But, I just think you should wait and make a few subtle moves and ease into it a little bit. Then go for the real thing after he has gotten a bit more confident. Go get it, I have faith in you! ;)


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