Only younger girls like me. How to attract girls my age?

I'm a junior in high school (16 y/o) and I go to an all-boys school. We occasionally do stuff with an all-girls school. Every time we do, I try to talk to girls but they don't seem interested. I'm kinda shy, but if I'm around a person for a few min I start acting normal. Girls are nice to me, but nothing more. Anyway, my mom is a middle school teacher who teaches 8th grade. Anytime I visit my mom at school, I always see girls checking me out. I don't really notice the 6th/7th graders. Yesterday the school had a thing where parents could come and meet the teachers (again) so I went so I could hang out with my mom. I saw about 2/3 8th graders check me out. This one girl asked my mom if I was her son. The whole time she had this flirty grin on her face staring at me. Why are younger girls more attracted to me than older girls? How can I attract girls my age? I look 16. One person told me I look 15 though. Would it be weird to try to talk to the girl that was grinning at me? She's kinda cute. Thanks


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  • If you want older girls, act older, get in better shape, and hang with older people. There isn't anything wrong with younger girls though. When you get to my age, it is the young girls (18-21 in my case) that everyone wants! Don't stress it though, you'll be fine.

    Oh, but it might be illegal to do anything if you're 16 and they are younger than that. Check your state laws about it.


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  • You're not going to want to hear this, but you're too young to be so focused on getting into relationships

    • Too young for a relationship, or two young to be this worried about a girlfriend?

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    • @FallOutBoy2001 hmmm. They tend to not last, and I'm not sure what the point of dating is if it won't last

    • Knowing what not to do next time? And hey, some do last.

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  • That's the way it goes girls from that age like older guys, plus older girl are harder to get

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