If you're broken up with your ex and had sex while you were broken up, does that still indicate you have feelings?

  • Absolutely
  • No
  • Usually in most cases
  • Mmmm... not really
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  • I'm in that position right now. It doesn't necessarily always mean you both have feelings. It can mean that, but it can also mean going back to what is comfortable or safe to you when finding something new didn't work out. there's a sense of security when it comes to going back to the person you shared that level of intimacy with. They can also just miss you, but not necessarily still have feelings for you or want to get back together.

    • How is your situation going because I'm in it as well

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    • It would have been 2 years on Halloween. We've been broken up for about 7 weeks

    • Oh wow y'all been together for awhile. You just not seeing it go far because of the constant fighting or what? You definitely do deserve to find someone who will treat you like the queen you are.👑

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  • what do u mean by feelings? feelings for your ex or new woman u sleep with?


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