Would it be right for my boyfriend to say something when another guy is being passive aggressive with me?

One of my best friends boyfriend hates me.

He is very passive aggressive with me, makes fun of me, and has a dark sense of humors with me.

I said "I hope I don't die before my birthday" and he said "I hope you do"

we were playing card games once and he tried flipping me off a table cause he got so anger when I disagreed with him

anywho, my boyfriend tends to laugh at his jokes against me. as my boyfriend I feel like he should defend me.
He even agrees that my friends boyfriend has anger issues!


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  • u have a mouth
    tell him fuck off

    • I have! But I'm honestly not one to get riled up and argue. I just get annoyed, especially when my boyfriend laughs with him

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    • I did! He said "I'll sound so lame trying to tell him to stop being mean to you"

    • okay talk to this guy alone telling him to back off

  • Jokes are jokes, but if he was present when this guy tried flipping you off of a table and he viewed that to be an intent to injury then yeah he should have done something.


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  • I understand your position. You have to remember to fight your own battles, however it's pretty normal to be unsatisfied when your boyfriend doesn't support you. Have you tried discussing it with him?