Is it weird that I love German guys even if they're ugly?

I know this probably counts as fetishizing but I can't help it. I'm really into them and would probably go for a German guy over others in 97% of situations, no matter how ugly or rude the Mann is. Does this happen often to other people?

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  • Are you sure that you want a German man?
    Have you been in Germany? Do you live here?
    I live here and I am not well impressed with German guys at all...
    They can be very stupid, , etc etc etc. (not if you find the right guy)
    I think their noses are huge tbh and there was never a match with one...
    My personal opinion, went to school out here, speak German, I worked in a hotel with German colleges and etc etc experiences...
    They don't know how to approach a girl, how to flirt, even if you are trying to get laid they not going to make it, they'll be too scared to do it...
    They drink too much bier lmao
    They talk a lot of shit, don't know to to have a nice conservation, most of them are total assholes and they act like they the shit but they not.

    Maybe you experienced different stuff but yo I live here I know what I am talking about... 6 years in here since I am teenager and became an adult in Germany... Don't hate the country I just feel like we have nothing in commun.
    I am from Portugal, lived in the UK and came to germnay? They never really left the country to live somewhere else so they don't know how to deal with people like me.
    they stay in their comfort zone. Don't give you a chance

    • Didn't know you lived in Germany ­čśŐ

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    • I am sorry you had those bad experiences and I sincerely wish you better days and years ahead.
      I wouldn't condemn a whole nation for it though. There are good Germans, there are bad Germans, there fat, slim, tall, smart, dumb, silly, not silly, pretty and ugly Germans. You have these 'traits' in all countries, nationalities etc.

    • It is true
      And I totally get that
      Before I leave this country I need to solve my problems so wherever i go next I start clean and not so mad at everything...
      Working on it but is very hard ­čś×­čś×­čś× I need to go release some anger at the gym

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  • Guten tag

  • What is it that you like so much about them? Is it the accent?

  • You're trolling

  • I'm the same with french woman xxx

  • Es ist ein bisschen au├čerordentlich, aber ich w├╝rde mich nicht beschweren!

    • Haben sie das vom Google ├╝bersetzt?

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    • Super es ist ehrlich schade aber egal legen geht weiter

    • * leben
      Danke w├╝nsche ich Ihnen auch

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  • Ehh have you ever been to Germany? The men are certainty not ugly and they are very nice people.