Guy seems embarrassed of me?

This guy I went to middle & high school have been talking about 3 weeks now. We have hung out many times in those three weeks. But, it's usually in the car. He calls me "baby", "beautiful" & tells me how he cares about me. Well, tonight is a party that some people we graduated with are throwing. The guy throwing the party messaged me & invited me & told me bring who ever. So I wondered why the guy I'm talking to never invited me bc I knew he was going. When I told him I got an invite he started questioning me, "what did you say" "you want to go" and was acting funny. So I told him I probably was but asked him if he feels funny about that? & he told me he does feel funny about it but he will see me after? I'm confused as to why it's ok for us to hangout after? He said he feels funny about it bc he doesn't want me to meet his friends yet, "but he's told them about me" and now is mad bc I told him I think that's messed up that you always want to see me when we're alone but not around other people. & won't talk to me. Do I just say screw it?


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  • If he doesn't feel right about it, especially after 3 weeks of talking, something doesn't seem right. To me, that sounds like he may have someone else on his mind, and at that party, that someone else would have been there. That, or he is afraid of commitment, or he just doesn't like you as much as you think. Either way, if he doesn't feel right having you there, after this long, I wouldn't put up with it. I'll give you an example from my own life.

    A girl I was "dating" had me in a similar situation. She texted me, called me this or that, seemed caring or nice, and we went out. However, sometimes she was "busy" or didn't want me to tag along because she thought I would be bored or so on. She still liked me well enough to date me, but I find out she didn't want me to meet her friends because she didn't want us to be "official" because there was another guy she liked who had just broken up with his girlfriend and she was trying to get along with him. I was hurt, but not mad. My point though is, if someone isn't willing to commit, at least in my opinion, then they don't see you as Official or as a priority


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  • He has probably told them something inappropriate about you and he doesn't want you to find out.