Is there ANY way I could attract him? Is this just impossible?

Im 16 by the way, So I was looking at this drawing tablet at best buy the other day and I needed assistance on which one I should buy. I called over an employee. We talked, I thought nothing of it until we ended up having a full blown on conversation, and I noticed his eyes... his voice... his smile.. And I suddenly became interested. And he seemed a little interested in me. So why not. I've never had a boyfriend before yet or anything and this is new for me so try. My sister thought he was flirting with me so I was like hehehe. And we both do art, him logo design, me fine arts. Like two days later I came back to see if it had a warranty and info like that, just an excuse to ask questions and talk to him. We chatted a little but he didn't seem so interested, my sis thinks he was just tired because he was working all day, he has two jobs. So I took it as, how come we didn't talk as much? Did he loose interest? Was I too awkard? But anyway. What should I do? I'm into him and I'm trying to attract him too without having to visit hisob everyday, that's weird. I asked him his age he says he's 19. I'm 16 so we aren't illegal just in case. He didn't ask for my age, but when I asked about his age he asked back for how my day was?

What do I do? How can I "get the guy"? Lol please help me

No mean or rude opinions please, thank you, if you don't like the question don't answer.


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  • Fuck you man ill be rude if i want to! THE MAN can't KEEP ME DOWN!!!


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  • Just be straight with him, Just say, " I think you are really cool and was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime." Being direct with guys is so much better than beating around the bush.

    At least you took your chances. If he is interested, he'd be down and if he wasn't he'd show it too. At least you're not left to wonder "what if" i made the move... Life is short. Take your chance! Good luck.

  • probably has a girlfriend