Did she lose interest?

So last week this girl was flirting a lot with me and she showed me she was interested. We had a great time. Yesterday she texts me about something we were talking about the other day and I try to be sarcastic and she says "haha your so funny..." and I answer 7 hours later (I was working) and I say "haha thanks. So how was your day?" It's been a day and she hasn't texted me back. I really developed strong feelings for this girl and I really want to see where things take us but I think I just f'd up. What should I do? Should I text her again? Next time I see her is on Monday because of school.


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  • Simply reach out to her again and if she doesn't respond back then she isn't interested anymore.

    • What should I tell her? It's 1am here so should I wait for tomorrow?

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    • Alright thanks! You were a great help!

    • Anytime ;)

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  • Text her again but if she is simply not responding then it would be clear that she is not interested

    • Ok but what should I text her? I don't want to sound needy or anything.