Which would you rather go to for a first date Mountasia or Sixflags?

I can get her in to sixflags for free on bring a freind day which is coming up but if I do that she might think that I'm taking her on a cheep date. Though with her out of a job I'm not quite sure how she will feel about it.

I could take her to Mountasia but it is so expensive and we have both been these several times with our group. I also have been there so many times that I don't quite enjoy it that much. Especially because it cost so much to go there and do different things.

  • Mountasia
  • Sixflags
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Any more great suggestions guys?


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  • Six flags for sure! Make sure she knows it's bring someone special day. Using the word friend may make her think differently. Just a note- When you do something exciting like a roller coaster, it creates a bond. Research shows anytime we do a thrilling activities we are more likely to remember that than a regular day. Hence why people go on VACAY! Sonthis as a first date will be very rememberable and she won't forget it!

    • O well thanks for that. Well she knows that it is called bring a freind day but I'm going to call it bring a guest day. Thanks for the note. I knew that it created a good bond with friends but I did not know that it would also work romantically.

    • Also any suggestions on teasing her to go on a ride that I know she does not want to go on?
      Don't worry I won't try and drag her on it. I'd just lightly tease her about it. most of my freinds won't go on it but for me it is a fun and quick exciting ride with usually no line.-drop of doom

Most Helpful Guy

  • I would definitely take her to Sixflags because they have the Ferris wheel and we could be alone all the way in the air. That's when the kissing starts. I could not think of any other way to be alone than all the way up in the air like that. The Tidal wave is the best because after you get wet, you can stand on the bridge and have it spray you good. You'll be sopping wet and you'll feel awesome!

    • HAHA lol true but I'm pretty sure that we are not going to be kissen on the first date. Also ours does not have a ferris wheel. We have a marry go round and Twisted colossus. Good suggestion with the tidal wave but that water is nasty. I'm pretty sure that we would much rather cool off in the raring rapids.
      Any more great suggestions?

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    • Yeah. You ain't kidding me! If they would lower the prices, lots more people would stay and have lunch.

    • Very true

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  • Who cares if its cheap, its awesome and fun! Six flags baby!


What Guys Said 2

  • Never heard of mountasia. Also, always do a cheap first date. Never ball out cause it only goes downhill

    • Hm good point and we have been there before with our group so it is not as special.

  • I personally think they are both too much for a first date, albeit you know her really well. Between the two... sixflags... not that I know either. The problem is you are asking her to spend a whole day with just you and she has no escape opportunity. Girls love escape opportunities on first dates in case it isn't going well, or she doesn't feel it, or feel sick, or whatever...

    • Well true but she before i was interested said that she wants action dates and not ones where she is just sitting at a table trying to awkwardly talk with a guy. Given that there is not much out here and we have been to so many movies and stuff with our friends. That is the only thing that we have not done in a group or together yet.
      Thanks for the heads up about that mate!

    • then I think you have a good plan if thats what she ordered up:)!

    • Well she also ordered a side date of the book store but that will have to wait till a latter date. I don't think that it would make a good first date.

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