What can I do to bring these two people closer together?

So my brother of 18 years old who has never had a girlfriend before is texting with this girl for over a year now, they go to the same school. From what i hear from him and his friends she is giving him all the signs, like it can't be any clearer than this and he is not doing anything. I'm guessing he needs a little assistance with this.

She is literally telling him that he makes a chance with her, she has told him several times now lol. They send snaps to one another and he does all the muscle flexing bare chested snaps to her and she is all over him, she tells him he is hot, etc...

They have made plans to get together several times but it never happened, she lives in another city. She is telling him repeatedly to get together, she wants to be with him, but he's not doing it, he's a little nervous I think.

His friends are telling him to make a move and to meet with her and make her his girlfriend but he's not doing it.

As his older brother, how can I help him out? How can I make him do something?


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  • If your "brother" doesn't start facing his fear. Odds are he's going to lose the girl. You can't help him if he is not willing to help himself.


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  • Why didn't it happen the other times they made the plans?

    Try to provide a way to fix whatever went wrong with those previous attempts.

    • they just made plans but not confirmed any of them.

    • You gotta convince him to take her to some local party sometime, or some gathering. Or simply a nice movie that comes out anytime soon.

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  • Show him that you're confident she's into him by offering to pay for the travel expenses.

  • what we always did:
    at a partey with some alcoholic drinks and then you leave the room and let only the 2 of them in the room and close the room with a key and let them there for about an hour so they can have fun together xD
    worked about 4 of 6 times