What should I do?

Recently like an hour ago, me and my boyfriend got into a fight. I called him an asshole and he called me a bitch. I'm only 14 and he's my first boyfriend so I'm not use to this, he had past girlfriends so he knows more about this. We haven't talked since the fight. I feel really sad and depressed, what do I do?


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  • Wait for him to apologize. He's a guy so he knows the routine:
    Guy wrong- guy apologizes
    Girl wrong, guy apologizes

    I don't know if you got the memo when they were issuing out xx or xy but you're right no matter what.


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  • Fighting is normal in any relationship, but the way you do it is important. Cursing at each other is not a healthy way to fight. You're only 14 so you're still learning about dating and relationships, so forgive yourself. But the sooner you understand how to communicate when you're angry at a boyfriend, the easier the fights and disagreements will be.

    For this situation, I would wait until you both have calmed down to talk to each other again. When y'all do talk, try to get together in person and calmly discuss how the fight made you feel. Hopefully y'all will be able to peacefully come to a solution. It's hard to calmly talk about things that upset us, but it's a healthier way to solve problems. Good luck!


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