Have you ever had this problem and what did you do about it? And girls have you ever done this?

Have you ever noticed a girl checking you out so walked over, chatted to her and got her number, then been texting her and the conversation eventually trails off and she doesn't reply. Well this has happened to me. I can't be bothered to re tell the whole story but this girl was definitely interested in me and when i approached her we had a great chat, however the text conversation was ok but not that great. We live in different cities so I can't easily arrange a date with her. She seems slightly on guard though and when we talked she seemed to assume I was a player (which Im definitely not!). From our initial meeting I liked her a lot and would love to get to know her more but I don't know how to restart the conversation and to make it clear that I genuinely like her. I also don't want to seem too forceful. Any suggestions?


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  • Find some time and if you can get her on a date. Talking in person is very different than talking or texting on the phone. If you get it off in person itd be a good opportunity to get with her and reel her back in. The connection seems stronger in person than through the phone, but that's not unusual.

    • Yeah, like i said we live in different cities but I will try to find a way. And i think you're correct, Im not the best at communicating over text but in real life I'm very good at creating rapport with a girl. I feel like there was real chemistry with us in person and its not easy to translate that over text

    • I wish you luck ☺

    • Thank you 😊

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  • It's very difficult to maintain, let alone build attraction over text. You also don't want to text to often and you need to be continually different, things can get boring fast and as soon as she starts to find the conversation boring, she'll start to lose interest.

    • So what should I do?

    • Forget about worrying that she might think you're a player, unless you've said anything to insinuate that you like to play around.. She has no reason to think that and therefore it's far more likely she's just moved on and lost interest and unfortunately there is little you can do. A lot of guys will try and send more texts in hope that it will change her mind and that never works, it just drives her away even further.

      If she actually isn't replying anymore, here's what a few guys do and I think it's the best technique if you're not ready to give up just yet. "Hey, I really liked talking to you and was looking forward to getting to know each other, but I understand if you're not really interested anymore. All the best"... Something like that, if she literally isn't replying, I can guarantee she will respond to that. It shows her you were serious but also shows her that you're not desperate and easily prepared to move on. When she does reply it can give you another chance.

    • Thanks man that's a really helpful bit of advice. Basically the way I see it is that when we spoke in the park she was definitely interested, no question, and if we were in the same city now then we would have gone on a date. I may havr fucked it up slightly over text such as not being interesting enough. Even so there were still about 8 longish texts each. I sent a pretty short response to her last one without properly continuing the conversation and she hasn't relied for a few days, should I send the response you gave or is this the wrong situation?