Why do guys give women such hard time to what they do?

A woman is considered aggressive pushy forward and sluts if they give away their goods too early or ask a man out on a date. Guys give that an excuse to why they treat us so bad. But then again they turn around and do the same thing. They think a woman has to be the one hard to get. when we are then they complain that we never answer them.


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  • People are these stupid apes that play the cute "reasoning game" whenever they feel righteous in their rash behavior.

  • 1. Men do not call women sluts for them asking them out on dates. Men will think your a slut if you sleep with them on first date because it shows you act on impulse and many guy will ask the question "if she did this with me, how many men did she do this for?".

    2. Women treat men worse. For one women expect men to be mind readers. If a guy isn't attractive and he tries to be confident, approach, flirt he gets labelled as a creep. While a guy you find attractive doing same thing is considered charming.

    3. Many women lie, lie and lie to men over and over. Using them for free meals, services and attention while stringing them along that they possibly want a relationship with them.

    4. More women cheat on men today than the other way around.

    5. Women are more likely to dump u, and flake on you.


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