He's going to be close by, but didn't mention meeting up?

I met a guy online a couple weeks ago that lives two hours away. We message a couple times a day right now and he mentioned he was visiting friends about 30 mins away, but didn't ask if I wanted to meet? Should I be concerned, or just assume he's not ready yet?


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  • he's just not ready yet. or maybe he just won't have the time to meet u. I mean that would be and extra 30 minute drive for him unless u drove to him. but then again he could be meeting another girl 30 min away and didn't want u to know🤔🤔hm probably not

    • Well I mean he told me he was going there to see his two male friends for an exchange of movies and video games that they do occasionally? I feel that would be a lame lie if it was a girl

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    • if you two are really feeling each other then there will. be other opportunities

    • See I can't tell. Like I feel he wouldn't talk to me daily otherwise, but I also don't know how many other girls he's talking to, you know

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  • I'd say he's probably not ready yet.