Apologized for not responding, but active on social media?

Is that suspicious? So I'm going to finally meet the guy I've been talking to online/skype/texting/social media. He sent me a text apologizing for not answering my texts cause he was at work. The texts I sent him were at 12, he posted something on social media a couple hours later, that means he checked his phone at work. So I guess not that busy at work? Why even apologize?


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  • Guys are weird like that. He probably just posted that quickly because if he messaged you you'd message back and then he would have to keep the convo going. It was probably a quick post before getting back to business. I don't think it's something you should worry about.

    I literally been talking to a guy for 2 weeks and he would message me not read my message but still be on fb and snapchat. Like he probably doesn't wanna talk at the moment or doesn't want to have to respond again once you message him. It's nothing personal. It just how they are. He'll message you back, don't worry.


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  • I think you are overthinking it.

  • some people do it. You cannot be certainly sure about the cause. It could be either because...
    - he indeed sees your message but does not wanna respond/talk to you. No mood whatnot.
    - he posted from his computer so after all his phone is not related here at all.

    Whatever the reason is, just move on, don't try to figure out why he does what he is doing. Just move on. If he has no time /effort for you, then he is not for you.

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