Dealing with a hard to read girl and long distance dating, Is it worth it?

I've known this girl for almost 8 months now. I met her out of town while I was working so we do not live in the same state. I went to visit her twice since I first met her and we had a ton of fun. We really hit it off, but it kinda turned friendly. I quit talking to her for about 6 months, then I drunk texted her out of the blue how much I liked her etc.. a couple days ago. She called me the next day about it and affirmed she liked me as well; I was a little surprised actually. So I got some plane tickets to see her in a couple weeks (I fly a lot, I have a ton of miles)

I was happy about that situation, now I'm kinda worried I'm going to screw everything up. I feel like I probably will since I can't stop thinking about her now. This in turn drive me up a wall because its so hard to gauge her unless I can see her in person.

First problem is she's insanely busy. She never texts me, I always have to text her, and I'm lucky to get a response that day. If I do its very short and she rarely engages in a conversation. When in person its a different story, she's a blast, the funnest person I know. Hence the reason I would even consider taking a plane to go on a date with someone. I can get her on the phone sometimes and that is always a better experience, but just as hard and frustrating.

I ended up over excited by our conversation and was texting her a lot; I think I pissed her off. She's started responding with abbreviated short responses. So I have just stopped contacting her for the last couple days.

Second problem, she lives in another damn state. While I could easily move since I travel for work I don't know if I want too, and she could move as well, but I mean we are dating. I think if anyone moves it should be into the same place which is not anywhere in the near future. I feel like she is worth this extra effort. However I don't know if I'm being ridiculous and should just leave it alone, or try to make this work. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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  • It honestly sounds as though you are the only one putting in the effort here, which I feel if in a relationship- should be a two way street.. I am a bit skeptical about this situation.

    • Yeah it does feel that way. I guess I keep hoping after I go see her something is going change if that all goes well.

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    • Yeah I suppose right now it is out of my hands until I go there and see what happens. I am clearly getting ahead of myself here :)

    • Good luck! Hope this pans out in your favour :)

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  • Why don't you talk to her about all this?

    • Like I said, its damn near impossible to talk to her unless I see her in person, which I will in a couple weeks and plan to. For now I was just getting it off my chest to see if anyone had some advice.

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