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So me and my boyfriend have been dating 2yrs now, we have trust issues with each other probably me more than him... anyway wen we first got together I noticed he was liking a lot of girls pics , I confronted him and told him this will not run with me I think it's disrespectful and I wouldn't do anything like that, if I did he wouldn't be happy... he stopped it anyways I noticed yesterday he added this girl on fb and like her pic, I believe she's an old school fren of his, so to my understanding he must find her attractive, and in my opinion he's letting her know that, I'm wondering if it's because we have been having a few issues arguments... is he looking for someone else? I don't think he's cheating but it makes me feel insecure especially when he doesn't like any of my pictures! He is also very private with his phone has a password and even though we have discussed taking both out passwords off, he will not budge he says he doesn't have anything to hide he just feels as though his phone is something I shouldn't need to look through? And he doesn't want to look through mine... (even though he doesn't trust me)... like I said I don't think he's cheating but he could be talking to girls and I would never know?


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  • You just sound crazy "old school friend, he finds her atractive" get over your self literally i hope he leaves u for being tpo controlling lol ill add any old friend i want its facebook and ill like anyones photo i want if its not sexual who cares and if she's doing good in life that LIKE is me letting her know that lol u are weird get off your high horse

    • Ok mate u dnt know the half of my relationship but OK lmao

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    • He has lied about numerous things and not cheated but strung me along for the time we broke up sleeping with me and another girl neither of us realising until it eventually came out

    • Then find somebody else if u can't trust him

  • Your overreacting

    • Really , but if it was me liking a man's picture all he'll would break lose

    • Could I also add the fact that we fell out last night... then this morning I wake up to see they have been msging each other... only general chitchat but that's not the point

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