I friendzoned a woman who may be the love of life what the hell do I do?

She has a boyfriend i meed to let that play out. Thats about who we both are. She is the most amazing woman I've ever met i date other girls to find one who compares unfair to anyone else. She is my best friend in action. Lumps me into boyfriend generalities. Put me into possitions of reaponsibility with her adopted son. Has boundries with her boyfriend about our friendship. O have really friendzoned her hard. Because she is a friend of mines ex. She says if the zombies come come get me everytime she does a favor for me. The truth is if the zombies come ill need her. She is a cancer. Out of anyones league looks wise but from what I've seen values emotional connection more. She asks me into the most personal parts of her life on weighing descisions I really screwed this up and want to know how to approach it if she is ever single. Please only cancers or experienced cancer lovers reapond.


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  • It's too late


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  • I'm a saggitarius if that really matters to you.

    But yea, you're better off not focusing on what you "would" do "if" she's ever single again. Because this guy might be the one she marries. All you can do is be her friend, be awesome, make sure she feels really good when you are around her so that she misses you when you're not around.

    Outside of that focus on your passions, building a business/career, workout and actually go out to have a dating life. Comparing women to another woman is fine initially especially if you're just getting to know them. But you still have to go out and have those experiences with women. If you don't, then you really will be stuck. Stuck in a painful whirlpool of sadness, because of your obsession over this one girl whom you've never been with (which, if you're honest with yourself, is part of the reason you're obsessed with her). You put her aside for whatever your reasons were and now that she's unavailable suddenly no other woman compares.

    I get that. I've been there. Tho to a lesser extent. Just try to maintain perspective of the situation.


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  • Well sadly you have to realize that until she does break up with her boyfriend you can never be more than just her friend. If you try to be anything more then you will loose her as tour good friend. You also have to stop comparing your dates to her. It is dangerous to ever compare women because they are so different from each other.
    Right now your like her brother all she feels for you is friendship and that is all she will feel for you even if she break up with her boyfriend. Eventually in a year or two if they do break up your going to have to risk loosing her to break out of the friendzone with her.
    Right now she is lost to you. If she is ever single you will figure out how to approach her when the time is right.

  • You are in for a bumping ride. As you know change (for cancers) can cause ripples in all facets of life. Even in admitting this to her you run the risk of changing your relationship or being pushed away. Think before you act. Is there anything (realistically not seen because you want it there) that indicates she likes you as more than a friend/brother?
    But what do I know that is just my opinion

    • Well the one time i did flirt with her the results were a huge smile and blushing and she makes time to just be with me. On many occasions. She cooks special stuff for me and we spend weekends backpacking together without her boyfriend. She has gone so far out of her way to help me i just wonder. I would never be part of damaging her happiness. But i think her relationships on the rocks and dont want to miss my chance. I friendzoned her to not hurt a friend.

    • Then quit wasting time here and go get her !!

  • If she has a boyfriend, you need to respect that and keep your distance.

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