How to get a girlfriend in college?

So my college situation is a bit different than everyone else's. I take classes and courses online on my laptop and I work as a film maker because that's the career field that I am majoring in. So I don't actually live on or go to any campus. The only time I am really social is when I'm working on set but every project has different people and its almost impossible to be consistent in interacting and meeting people when its always changing up. It makes me feel sad honestly because I know a lot of people that go to college campuses all across the country. the social life for them is sort of built in. Given my situation, how can I meet someone and start dating when I don't have a very big social life to start with?

I don't have time and can't afford to change my academic program just to take classes on a campus unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestion but its not helpful to me.


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  • you can start going to campus for class...

    that'll force you to be social... if you want a girlfriend that is.

  • You should definitely try to take a couple of classes in person.