Argh falling for another guy?

bugger... I met a guy online 4 months ago who is everything I want in a man pretty much except for one thing... he is pretty much, I think, bipolar. he often needs "me time" and can go a few days not wanting contact with the outside world.. I find that so hard. he has terrible mood swings too. on top of that he also says he can't show emotions but is working on it... won't hold my my hand in public etc... it really bothers me ad I've already told him I'm in love with him... he never says anything like that back to me... says I'm nice or lovely but that's about it. I've met anther guy 12 years younger than me who is the opposite. showers me with compliments and says I'm beautiful etc etc... he also has kids (mine doesnt) and we've met up a few times in the park. now I'm torn thinking will my man ever change and be the man I want him to be (he says he's working on himself following a bad marriage and wants to be affectionate etc) or do I just cut my losses and leave him for someone who makes me feel amazing also in a different way. so confused right now!


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  • The moment you start falling for someone else your current will start going downhill, it will happen sooner or later. In your case with your current guy the signs are not very good, you said that he can't show emotions, he won't hold your hand and plus he doesn't tell you he loves you so these are not good signs at all.

    However even though your guy may not say he loves you ( by words) but does he at least try to show by actions that he loves you? have you noticed anything like that?

    About the second guy that you are falling in love with, you need to consider certain facts:

    1. You said this guy showers you with compliments right, ok that's good but a guy giving you compliments doesn't necessarily indicate that he likes you. I mean may be he is just being nice and genuine about his compliments, he tells you beautiful because he thinks you are. Hence you shouldn't automatically assume that he likes you.

    2. Are you absolutely sure that the other guy likes you? does he know that you like him? has he told you that he likes you? You need to be sure of these things.

    3. There is no point in you falling for this other guy if he doesn't feel anything about you, maybe he sees you as a friend only. Nothing can ever last one sided. It doesn't matter if you like/love this other guy he should also feel the same about you only then it would make any sense whatsoever.

    Think about these things and then make a decision.

  • Is there a third choice?

    • hahaha what's wrong with the 2nd choice 😂😂😂

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    • HAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for the laugh too!

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