Dating Self Harm?

Girls would you date a guy with self harm scars? These scars are from years and they never went away, but he never did it again would you date him?


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  • Yes, as long as he was fully recovered

    His healed scars would be a sign of his strength of character. I'd admire him for overcoming any issues he's had. I'd know he'd have struggled to get to the stage he's at now.

    The past is who he was, the present is who he is now.


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  • If I was into dating guys of course I would there's nothing wrong with that everyone has had some moments when they were down.

  • Honestly, be lucky to have a guy like him. You are lucky he didn't take his life away. Spend every moment you can with him. If he did it again, then it's just another chance for you to help and support him.

    • Well the guy I'm talking about in the question is actually myself and I'm looking for a girl that's why I'm asking

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    • Same to you (except, girl I am assuming), and no problem. :)

    • Thanks :)

  • Every scar is a memory - good, bad, or ugly.
    And every one has them, whether they show or not.
    People should not judge you by your scars.


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