Do girl that love to put lot of make up tend to be more shallow than those that don't when it comes to dating?

Are they more shallow in guys appearance than those who don't

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  • I don't wear makeup unless its Halloween but I don't think so. All of my friends wear makeup, some a good bit of it and none of them are shallow dating wise. at least not in my opinion.


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  • No. A woman who wears lots of makeup is probably just insecure about how she thinks she looks. Doesn't mean she is shallow and only wants to date super models.

    I grew up watching lots of DBZ and WWE, so I have a bit of a body image complex. I feel the need to have 6 pack abs or I feel fat, and I feel kinda pathetic that I can only bench 335 @ 5'9" right now because I'm cutting weight, but it has nothing to do with women. I do it because it's just a standard I have for myself. Obviously I want to date women who are attractive, but none of the women I have ever dated are supermodels or bodybuilders or anything like that, and I see and meet women in public all the time that I find attractive.

    It's very common for people to hold themselves to a much higher standard than by which they judge other people.


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