Should I start a harem instead of trying to date one woman?

I am the type of guy that enjoys spending time with a woman, I work from home so I have a very open schedule. The problem is every time I meet a woman I like once the honeymoon phases is over they tend to get real busy, and not just with work but with friends and non emergency stuff.
I start to feel neglected and then I get called needy or clingy.
I would love to have one special lady to share most of my free time with but most people don't want those kind of relationships anymore.
So I am guessing that if I can find 2 or 3 women I really like when one is too busy I can hang with then one of the others will not be. and none of them would think I was clingy.

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What Girls Said 1

  • I think you're better off finding a club or something to fill your time with other than work and a girlfriend. It's normal for people to feel lonely without their S/O but you also need a balance of other relationships in your life. If you join like a bowling league then you'll be able to make friends and be less lonely.

    • friends dont make me less lonely, it's not the same rush I get than when I am with a woman.

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    • Actually all I need is love.

    • I'm muting this question now. Have fun ruining your life and everyone you touch because you won't get the help you already know you need.

What Guys Said 2

  • I like having my bouquet of pussy :)

  • Unless your a popstar its gonna be a hard road.

    • I'm 6ft5 and work out, I can get pussy, I just want more than just pussy, but it seems impossible to get that with one woman.