Would you be interested in a girl like this?

Assuming you already think she is attractive. on a scale from 1-10, how highly would you seek this girl out as a serious girlfriend material?

during arguments, she keeps her cool and does not point fingers or get defensive.

she texts you once but does not send another text until you reply (so not a text terrorist).

When you do text back, she never asks why you took so long to text her back.

you haven't communicated with her for two or three days, she doesn't freak out and ask where are you.

when you do talk to her, she sounds like she has a variety in her life to keep her busy.

she seldom complains about things.

never gossips about others.

she tells you often how much she loves having you around.

Guys, what would you rate this girl and what else would make her a better catch?


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  • Sounds like the girl I am talking to now except she rarely even texts me so that would be nice every once in awhile lol. I would much rather not be policed all the time though since I'm so busy and travel a lot. sounds like the perfect girl to me

    • Have you told her that you would like more starter texts from her?

    • Well this is a bit of a new situation so no I haven't, but its because we don't live in the same state currently. I'd rather not have these conversations over the phone. I do plan on it when I go out there next week though.

  • highest possible , she sounds cool , mature , rational... not clingy or insecure.
    She would be a perfect girl for me.

  • 10. I would want her to be very affectionate and clingy when we are together though.

    • So clingy when together as in touchy feely or something else?

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    • This is interesting about the dressing, i have never heard that before. So it works?

    • It would work on me. If the girl is so affectionate and dresses how I want, I would be so into her that she could probably get her way with me much more often and I would want to spend most of my free time with her as long as whatever we are doing I get to be touching and kissing on her as much as I want.

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