Do I have to be hot to get a girlfriend?

here's my situation. I'm not morbidly obese but Im not hot either. But im really smart, try to be nice (and girls have said that im a nice guy) and try to be interesting as well. Im great with computers, a very good cook and would prioritize romance over pure sex in a relationship. Yet i feel like im getting nowhere. Like, in order to have i girlfriend it seems i have to be 6 foot 1, 8 pack abs and a total ignorant jerk! (Im 5 foot 4 by the way at the age of 15... maybe i got one more inch?) Please help

Update: my body fat percentage is about 22 ish, i am fairly strong, 51 pushups OR 26 burpees in one minute...


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  • Your height will be your biggest hinderance in life. The good news is you are only 15 so it is quite possible that you could gain another five inches or so...

    If you don't or only gain a few more inches leaving you at 5'8" or less, this will be an issue with dating. At least on paper.

    Regardless of your fitness or your love for computers or being a romantic or not, height will matter.

    Stupid that it does but it does. lol!

    Hopefully, you gain more inches so it won't be an issue for you. But if you do not, I will let you in on a little secret even women do not realize...

    The reason women put so much emphasis on height has to do with the fact that a women's biggest concern in picking a man is to feel safe. It is why we pick men with a good income, why we pick men with a good profession, why we pick men for their height (something they have no control over!!!) and why we pick confident men.

    Most women do not even understand that this is why they pick these things but it is why.

    So knowing that should give you an edge. It may not change the fact that being small may exclude you initially, but in the long run, if you know what women really want, your size should not be an issue.

    Good luck to you and drink your milk! :)

    • I have read about this... it sucks. My mom is 5 foot 1 and my dad is 5 foot 8 so i am most likely to be 5 foot 6.

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    • Thats an actually funny story... and your 4th brother sounds like he could use a good hug. Also kinda sounds like me in the sense of insecurity

    • The funniest stories are most often the true stories... lol! It was funny. And I did end up weeding most of that plot of grass myself. lol! :)

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  • It's understandable... your a young buck. And I understand where your coming from. Truth is its very hard to find a lady that sees through obese. There are plenty of great ladies that don't mind because you have and give what jocks don't. But like I said it's hard but not impossible. You prob have better luck being more active. Play some football. Goodluck.

    • My body fat percentage is around 21. Im pretty strong, its just that my shortness makes me look worse. 168 pounds at 5 foot 4

    • Ok, you don't necessarily need to loose weight just build muscle. Lift weights... besides if you start doing some physical activity do it for yourself to prevent diabetes, fatty liver, cancer, problems with your overall being.

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  • No, not necessarily but yes being attractive, being handsome definitely would make things easier for you.

  • You seem like a good guy but girls want a man, it's up to you to become one. Start working out and, believe me, it's like night and day.

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