Got this girls number she rejected me but still talks to me I'm confused?

Going to skip some details and pay attention to actions.

Met this girl at a jazz club, danced, mingled, got her number. She was being flakey from the start with communication and could not make def plans. We hang around the same places and when she sees me we talk laugh but outside that she is flakey.

about 3 weeks of being flakey etc. she sends me a long text saying saying she is not interested in romance. So I replied.

"it's cool no biggie, if you ever change your mind and want to get some ice cream let me know, I think your amazing"

she replied with excitement saying thanks etc I'll keep that in mind. A week goes by and I ran into her again, we have some of the same circle of friends. This time I kinda ignored her and just played it cool and mingled with everyone and I didn't look her direction and acted like I didn't notice her.

when I did finally got kinda close to where she was she called out my name and pushed her way through the crowd and came up to me and gave me a hug ask how I'm I etc I kept it small we talked out how hot it was outside then I just kindly walked away from her and went back to my table with friends... I really like her but she turned me down she told me she was not interested and she is a really sweet girl and it stings that she turned me down after our initial meet was to go out and get to know each other more it sucks :/

what is on her mind I'm confused?


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  • Sorry sweetie, but it sounds like she's not that into you. I think she just wants to be friends with you.

    • Lol nah I'll pass I don't settle.

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  • I've had that happen. in my opinion she's too flakey. I say pump and dump and move
    on. Unless she drastically changes. Which is unlikely.


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  • She wants you to stick around to give her attention. Don't fall for it.

    • Why I don't get it? She is on my Facebook but I never acknowledge any of her post. She is really big into church and seems to be a really good girl kinda niave but I didn't see her as playing games.

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    • Another thing that threw me off is on one text I called her sugar bear and she replied that she doesn't feel comfortable with me calling her that. 🤔

    • There's nothing much to that. She just doesn't feel comfortable.

  • Start ignoring her and talk to other girls... Don't let her think that you still like her or something... She will come running to you

    • Like she did when I saw her the other night she never came to me it was always me coming to her but after she text me that crap I'm just being and adult and respecting what she said she didn't give me no hints she told me straight up no interested in romance. So I ignored her and she came to me but I smiled and kept it short and walked away... I don't want to put my self out there again and risk getting rejected again.