How to become official?

Me and this girl have been exclusively dating now for around 5-6 weeks. I recently met some of her friends over the weekend and she has already met my Mum. She has told her family about me and she wants to introduce me to her parents also. I am starting to really care for this girl and I want to make it official as we both still haven't had the conversation and told each other how we feel. How would one go about this? Is 6 weeks enough time. I sort of get the feeling she wants me to ask as initially I was shy in the relationship and she has made me aware of this lol. Took me long enough just to kiss her lol.

So should I just come out with it and say I really like her and I would like us to become official? On the other hand I dont wanna scare her off, help please lol?


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  • Hmm don't be worried about scaring her off, because it seems like you guys are already getting to that point of being introduced to each other's family. That's a big step already.

    So just tell her you wanted to talk to her about something and spill the beans. Ask her if she'd like to make it official between the two of you because you'd like to

    • Thanks :) yes I think i should just come out with it, im kicking myself a little bit that haven't already. I think I will just do it tonight, dont want to complicate things though ha.

      Yeah her friends have already said to her im a keeper etc and her family have been asking about me. I think I will just do it tonight lol

    • That's great! Yeah you don't really need to complicate things, just keep it short, sweet and simple. I guess the more you ramble the more you'll get nervous about it, the more she won't understand lol but telling her tonight sounds awesome ☺️

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  • Just ask her to your girlfriend man... What you waiting for? Don't waste your time if she is a great girl

    • Yeah I dont want to leave it too long as she might think im not really committed. Although im sure she doesn't think that as I've introduced her to my mum. I am just severly overthinking this lol

    • Trust me on this... She must be thinking that why aren't you proposing... Yet? Lol

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