Does he want me or not?

I've been really good friends with this guy for a year now. My friends tell me he likes me on and off all the time. I've always liked him and I can't seem to stop. We hangout a lot but only when it's me him my best friend and her boyfriend. He doesn't wanna hang out alone with me. I guess maybe cause he's nervous? He always messes around with me and always says how he should be my only best friend and gets jealous when I say another guy is my best friend. We always joke around with eachother and we get along so well. Everytime we hang out I always catch him staring at me. The problem is is that he has a girlfriend right now but he claims he's very unhappy and wants to break up with her. But my friend told me he likes me and said the only reason he doesn't want to date me is because he doesn't want to lose our friendship. I just want to know wtf is going on cause I don't get it


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  • He has a girlfriend and perhaps he can just have you on the side? Let this one go


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