Why did this guy suddenly go cold? was he leading me on?

Was chatting to a guy for a couple of weeks online and we swapped numbers. He seemed very interested excited to meet up. Always talking about how nice it would be to meet planning to see me. And asked me out on a date planning to go out somewhere.
A couple days before we were planning to meet added each other on facebook. He arranged a day to meet for a date and spoke a little that morning. He didn't mention anything about the date. The next day I text to ask so when are we going on our date?
Then he replied the next day saying " Hey sorry feel really bad. Think I might be moving to australia got a job offer. So been waiting before I lead you on more like a d*ck "

I just replied back and after he mentioned he's doing a pros and cons list to moving spoke a little then he didn't read my last message. I'm not sure if he was making up this excuse or telling the truth. He's back on dating site again not deleted me off facebook. what he mean by this?


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  • not intersted
    the end

    • He seemed interested at the start did he lose it that quickly? he was ok until the day we were meant to meet?

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    • should I delete him off fb?

    • well he was at least honest u didn't have sex
      if u want put him in restricted list he stays friends with u but only see things u post publicly

  • How can I get a job offer in Australia?


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  • Delete him and forget about him. Sounds like an asshole who doesn't know what he wants tbh.

    • It was very out of the blue his message as well since he was way different up until then. Was his moving away thing an excuse? I wasn't sure after he meantioned how he was making a pros and cons list to moving when I asked if he's making a decision before seeing me etc

    • It might be an excuse, it may not. Either way he's basically told you he's not interested in pursuing you. He's really not worth your time!