Girls, Does she want me to approach or not why is she acting different?

and I started non verbal flirting. Exchanging glances , copying me , staring me in the eyes etc. Getting dressed up more than usual. So I started to disappear and not catch it as often. Which seemed to bother her as she started flirting more like looking sad until she seen me or suprised. So every month I would re appear. She would always remember me. And would just stare. And at other times act shy. So once I sat opposite her she tilted her head with a slight smile. So another time shoving a named travel card in my face. Then I disappeared for longer and I would no longer stand near her , she started walking past smiling after checking hair etc. Then again she forcefully spoke to me like trying to break the ice. So again I disappeared she walked passed me said hi blushed etc so clear sonethibg was up. Came back she was with her long distance boyfriend. She went red and looked anxious and aggressive with him. So I commented on her fb pictures but didn't add her. Seen her the day after she stared at me with a huge smile. Her boyfriend walked up to her to meet her. They appeared on same carriage she stood closure to me checked he weren't looking stared at me with a huge smile then looked away after 10 secs or so Lickibg and biting her lips. Ok so not only am I shy to make a move I am confused. Then I got off early to avoid her boyfriend. N got back on. So he seen me at a shop and asked if I was : I said no. She stood behind him with the huge smile again. So after I got off early she sent me a message before he seen me at the shop. Which I didn't read until later. It said. * I don't know you n don't appreciate the comments. Just becoz I seen you don't mean I can approach n that her boyfriend. Is aware. Then she seen me writing and blocked me all of which she was with him at the time she sent it but only sent it after Seeing me the day after my comments why not send it n block me after seeing the comments and still smiling at me behind his back

From smiling to looking and acting all weird. its obv she wanted to get to know me. Behind her long distance bfs back. //;;;
so I ignored her message , 3 days later I sent one via LinkedIn explaining myself n said sorry etc. N that I noticed her keep trying to talk to me n made me kind of shy etc n that maybe in the future we can get to know each other n I won't approach So she didn't block me on that. 3 weeks later seen her on the train and I avoided her. She seen me and
went red , and stared at her phone whispering to herself. Then the whole trip resting her head on the window looking depressed keep. /;;; Checking were I am. Which is at she done when I never approached her. So 1 week later for a joke I liked all her posts on LinkedIn and she blocked me. Seen her 3 weeks later and I ignored looking at her n she keeps acting weird like she don't know how to act? they also won't live toegether n do t go on holiday toegether n don't have pictures toegether


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  • Why are you asking this again? She is not interested.