He is just not that into me?

I went out with this guy last week, our chemistry was amazing. We ended up making out, he said he's comfortable around me, asked me what I think of him, he interlocked fingers while holding hands when we made out, gave me cute baby kisses more than wet hot kisses. said he wanted to see me so bad and glad we on a date. Like all stuffs that indicates he's into me.
And he initiated texts after for 3 days.

During our first date I asked him when can I see him again, he said 'MAYBE next Sunday if I still remember him'
Then Saturday I was out town for the weekend I sent him pictures which he only replied 'wow' (he's never this cold before) then I asked him how's his trip and he saw my text but ignored.
its been two days I haven't heard from him...

when we on a date he would say things like 'I would date guys around my area (he's an hour away)' 'I would go on a date a lot' 'if he was being too aggressive during make out session' and like I mentioned he said 'we will meet again IF I STILL REMEMBER HIM'

He sounds like insecure about me. I'm thinking it could be that he's just not sure about my feelings toward him?

Actually he didn't even text me for days before I asked him out on a date.(he asked initially but I already had a plan. Then he never initiated contact until I asked him out)
the chenistry was really amazing. Should I text him again ask out for the second date or is this a clear message that he's no longer interested..
I'm thinking that there could been miscommunication he's expecting to see me on sun and got upset after I told him I was out town? But he said maybe and never confirmed..


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  • I think you got it in one: he likes you, but he doesn't like you THAT much enough to make the effort. He's into you, but he's just not THAT into you. And really, what self-respecting woman wants to be with a man who just isn't that into her? I've been in your shoes - dump the guy and devote your energy to finding someone better--not to him!

  • No he is not