Very confused by her actions?

Sorry for the lack of punctuation/grammar guys and girls

I'm very confused about this girl she knows i have feelings for her she never actually rejected me but i just assumed friendzoned thats fine ever since then though we have started hanging out more going out to dinner a lot we cook every week and i dont think she is just using me because she pays for a lot of my meals and vice versa and she's always there for me when i have a downer day she is also very close with my family and friended my sister on face book but then there are days where i text her she doesn't respond and i won't hear from her for a week its a very hot and vold situation last week when we were cooking she started getting very touchy with me and then i thought my car was dead and she suggested sleeping over then my car started and the next time i saw her i was talking to my friend and she just interupted and said while looking at me in the eyes you have very beautiful eyes and then continued staring at me for another minute or so after that when i was leaving she charged me and gave me a very very tight hug she also asked if her and i could go away with each other for a weekend it always feels like we're dating and everytime we get closer she backs off i dont want to cut off contact with her because i really love her a lot i consider her to be part of my family but i dont know why she treats me like this she always is in touch with my other friends and asking them to hang out but i always have to ask her to do something do you think its because she is afraid of what i represent she is always hanging around guys that use her anyways sorry for the length and lack of punctuation i just need some input


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  • I think she sees you as a friend.


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