How do you make relationships last?

I honestly haven't been in relationship since high school and I am 23 right now. I've talked to guys for like long period of time but never were committed like that, I know most of the time I would push them away or assume or get upset easily. Then move on to the next guy quickly, but this time I feel like it's getting serious more than any guy I've been with. But how do you make it last it feels difficult for me I overthink things, we've had little arguments but get over it within couple days and go back to being happy. We never fought in person tho just text. The one or 2 times when I need him the most he's not there for me and it gets me all weird in my feelings like i think if he really likes me for who i am after the emotions and anger I've thrown at him or what if he starts to act diff and it gets in the way of certain things in my life. What do you do to overcome that?


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  • You just do the best you can. Every couple fights and have arguments and dis agreements. They make it work and last by compromising and doing things to make each other happy. If you both are not happy with each other then it won't last.


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  • You try, try, try a lot, till there is nothing left in you anymore.

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