Rejected? Game Over?

I like this girl, and she always looks over at me, and talks to me. She then asked me if I wanted to sit next to her, I did, we joked, laughed, and just had a fun time the whole class. She seemed interested I guess so to say, and we got along great. She gave me her snapchat and we added each other.

Later on, I snapped her and talked a little. After some talking, one of the things we discussed was how she had a test tomorrow. I said if you get a certain grade I'll buy you chipotle. She said "lol thats not necessary", I took that as a polite no, and rejection to a relationship. She seemed really flirty and outgoing in person, but said no to that. What do you think? Game over or maybe she was just shy and wants to know me a little better first?

I'll also add that I don't know her all that well, and that although I didn't officially ask her out, it was a test in the water, and don't know if I should continue to pursue or not.


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  • Yeah it's game over for this game, there are tons of other games though.


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