At first a girl tells a guy friend 'dont make it awkward' for asking about her relationship, because the friend liked her, but now is very open about it?

Except now that she's open about it and not getting mad at the friend, she's looking for advice and confirmation about her feelings. Why would she change like that?

First she says, she's excited to date and needs to get back out there, but tells the friend not to make the friendship awkward. Then goes on a few weeks and starts complaining about this boyfriend? Tells me (the friend) she would heat on him, and all this stuff. Though I don't think we actually would. What does this all mean?

At first I was suspicious that it wasn't a real relationship, like she was trying to get to me, and now the relationship is negative and she isn't leaving, when many people told her that she doesn't really like he guy if it's been only a week of being an official couple and she hates him so much. I dont get it

And she has told me more than her super close friends. We are close but I feel that she treats me differently than her other friends, girls and guys.


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  • Probably because the male friend didn't seem to mind hearing about her relationship.


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