Too fat to date?

Would you ever overlook a girl because she is too fat? If so, how fat is too fat?

What about a kinda chubby girl. No fat rolls, but meatier?

If she was nice and cool, but just not in the best of shape would you over look her? Like if she takes good care of herself, like does her makeup and hair, doesn't eat unhealthy all the time but likes to eat.

And please don't give me this sh*t of "its all about exercise" and giving me work out advice because I don't want it. I want you to answer the hypothetical situation.


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  • As far as what the excess fat looks like I really have no limit there. I prefer pleasantly plump women over women at the opposite end of the spectrum. Where it would become an issue for me is wherein it affects her health and lifestyle. If she's happy healthy and can keep up, I won't dismiss her.


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  • Meatier is ok, but fat rolls is not - not for me. When a woman is a bit over-weight I always think, she will looks so nice, if she just loose a few pounds. I guess woman think, men won't notice if I'm overweight by just a few pounds. But with all the extra attention and more options in guys, I would make the effort to loose a few pouds if I were a girl. But eating rite, and looking after yourself will definately help. I like woman who look after themselves, their skin, nails, hair etc...

    • So even a few pounds overweight makes you think a girl should lose a few? What about girls who do take care of their hair, skin, teeth and dress well- but aren't really skinny. Sometimes a bit overweight isn't indicative or a sedentary lifestyle. You can still eat right, exercise and not be skinny, you can still be meatier. Like for example, I will never have a waist due to my long ribcage and bips. I have stuned growth, and basically a 5'9 woman in a 5'1 body which makes me look bigger naturally

  • i don't mind a little jello in her body, its fine,

    but I really think that no girl will fell comfortable with a skinnier guy than her !

  • more cushion for pushing


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