Is it just a saying or true meaning when she says "I have her heart"?

I was talking to my love this morning telling her that she has my heart and she replied with that I have hers

any thoughts on this?
Am i the only she truly loves by sayin that since it would mean that she belongs to me with her heart. I belong to her and so does my heart.


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  • i've never head it as just a saying, I said it before because at the time I felt connected to him, and felt that I could trust him in all entirety including my heart, hence her saying you have my heart. ( she's also saying dont break my heart) Hope that helps :)

    • SHe did say i have her heart but said it differently saying "I pretty much have her heart" after i told her that my heart is hers. Is that different from saying "my heart is yours'?

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    • I guess i should mention a bit of details.
      She left me today but came up last night to spend the night with me.
      I did not expect her to come in hug me, kiss me and call me babe.
      But i knew she would be leaving cause she said it would not work.
      She wants it to work tho.
      I told her that She has my heart and she replied "You pretty much have my heart" kissing me of course.
      I called her later on cause i was trying to ask her to stay and not leave.
      She said that she had to leave.
      I asked her that in the back of her mind that she would miss me, know that she loves me and wants to be with me? She was like yeah.
      I then asked her if she would come back and she said eventually.
      I dont know if she said that just so i won't be hurt or what?
      Last few times we broke up she was away about a week but then she found a way to message me or talk to me saying how much she misses me and wants me.
      Just wonder if she is really coming back or not.
      Just hurt atm

    • Well I hate to say it but knowing this I have to say you shouldn't be in a relationship where one can just come and go as she pleases. It's not good for you... You have to let her go

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  • Yes, that is true. It means you both love each very much, both of your love seems to be very true and deep as well. There is lot of trust in this relationship. It's all good.


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  • I take a guy's soul


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  • "You have my heart"
    I'm assuming that's what she said. That is so sweet and romantic and yes, it basically means she entrusts her heart and her love to you ❤️