Why does he keep going back and forth between saying hi and ignoring me?

There is this cute guy at the gym that I became attracted to. My wing man helped me break the ice with him, so we've interacted a few times and say hi to each other occasionally. He would stare at me occasionally. He works out with his friends, and I've noticed that his friends aren't as receptive towards me. I've received dirty looks from them many times.

He started being distant and avoiding me altogether, which sucked. I guess I made him a little uncomfortable with my friendliness, so i just ignored him back. But I would still catch him staring occasionally. This has happened a few times already.

I expected that I would no longer be interacting with him anymore since i creeped him out. However, he worked out next to me and my friend for a bit today, and he actually said hi to me. I also asked him to borrow a weight as well.

I'm confused now. Why does he keep going back and forth between saying hi and ignoring me?


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  • You are in one of 3 situations. 1. He likes you and isn't sure if you like him in which case maybe being a little obvious and flirty will work. 2. He doesn't like you, you are overanalyzing and he was just being friendly and nice (I wouldn't lean towards this based on what you said but its possible) or 3. He is playing mind games so that you end up looking stuff up on a website because he wants you to realize just how much you like him before he admits that he likes you. In any case the only thing you can do to help your case is try to flirt and make sure he knows you like him.


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  • Ehhh.. it's the gym babe. It's a very hard place to flirt. Let's a a week pass. Be casual.. don't over think or you'll just make the vibe awkward. If he's into fitness I'm sure he's also just focusing on his workout. Let a week pass and keep being friendly.. keep saying hi. . If he doesn't make a move soon it's just a friendly hello then 🙄

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