How do you get females attracted or spark any romance with myself?

Hey everyone , I've noticed something which really annoys me a little , in excellent at making friends with the opposite sex but terrible at getting them attracted to me in the same way in attracted to them.

I've grown up having red hair so I've had a lot of negativity towards my self perception. Anway I've just turned 25 and never had a girlfriend , despite the fact of finishing a masters in Business law and having a high paid job , despite being told I have a Perct facial bone structure , inherited from my Swedish grand parents. I can't seem to figure out what's going on? I've seen amazing girls fall for the biggest idiots on planet earth. I've met some nice girls before but either find out they have a boyfriend or not interested in that way , which is fine and I have no problem with that but how do I even get a girl interested in me? :/


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  • I am sure there is girls that are interested in you! What if you're the one pushing them into the friend zone? Red hair is cute! You're smart and successful.. so many women out there looking for men like you. . Not going to be boring 🙄 And say "the right girl will come.." BUT put yourself out there be confident! I'm sure you'll attract someone!!


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  • 1. Girls dont make moves or take risks in dating, so you have to. These guys might be idiots, but at least their idiocy allowed them to move forward without thinking about the bullshit dating market.
    2. Young girls are in high demand because men ages 18-45 can be competing for the same 18-23 year olds. There isn't "one man" for every "one girl" in your arena.
    3. Girls dont become attracted to a guy because of how much he thought. Thinking is not interesting. Being smart isn't interesting. Displaying unruly yet predictable testosterone-driven behavior is what girls are attracted to. Fuck your Business Law, you boring nerd (not really, but it might as well be so).