Why do ex always hit you up even though they claim to be in love with someone else?

My ex has literally texted me once a month and always hit me with the "hope you're doing good" line. But she's all over social media claiming to be in love, and loyal as can be. It don't make sense I know it's breadcrumbs but if you're truly happy with someone else why bother with me, when literally don't bother with you.

We we was together 2.5 years she broke with me 8 months, 3 weeks after the break up she already moved on and was in a new relationship.

But im not understanding the every month text


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  • She is just checking on you? If you guys dated for 2 and half years, she probably isn't bullshitting you. You've known each other for a long time and sometimes it is not easy to completely forget someone.


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  • I know, I've never understood that either.. Perhaps she's just trying to be nice and let you know that she still cares or she actually still does have feelings for you.