I seem to be driving guys away after just one day of texting. Can anyone help me with an experiment?

Anyone with a whatsapp or line or Skype account, this is for you guys.

I would like to play pretend with you. Pretend we met on a dating site. You liked my profile and you messaged me. I liked yours too and we move the convo to any of these apps.

What I want to do is: chat with you guys (ages 25 and up please, since my usual target is 25-40, but guys 40+ are usually wiser). Just regular chat, pretend you're trying to See if I'm dateable. I'll be my usually self. Then give me feedback on what I did right and what I did wrong.

Anyone up for it?


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  • It may simply be that you are texting too much. Every time you text becomes a burden on someone to reply. If texting is frequent, that takes away from the receiver the ability to do other things. Quickly, this becomes a choice... and a burden: "Do I do what I have to / need to do or do I keep this texting conversation up?" Always, text loses in the long run because people wish to be unburdened so they do so accordingly.

    Yet again, this is an example of why calling is better than texting. When you call, you get that back and forth out of the way and make any decisions fast. While on the phone, the caller is more or less dedicated to the conversation. But it can end quickly so you can move on to something more important. Also, if the call goes well, it can quickly lead to better things much much faster than the annoyingly slow (and annoying overall) texting.

    • Actually, no. Texting is simpler because if you're busy, you can just put off reply ing until you're just standing waiting for a bus or something. You don't have to dedicate some hours of your day to sit there and just talk. See, that would be great if there's already a commitment. Texting is better in the beginning because it's more casual.

    • I'm not sure that you understand what I was trying to say - at least where guys are concerned...

      An extended conversation consisting of texts is like being pestered by mosquitoes all day. When a guy is busy like watching football or playing a game or at work or whatever, he doesn't want to be chronically interrupted.

      By comparison, with a call, that same conversation that is taking all day can be done in 10 minutes.

      The upside to texting is 3-fold:
      1. You have a record of the communication.
      2. You can attach files.
      3. You can do it silently.

      Calls are just as casual as texts by the way. Ask your parents or grandparents.

    • Yeah but See? If you wanna watch your game, you can just focus there and not reply until your game is over. I do that all the time too if I'm having dinner while watch ing my favourite show.

      Look, texting is doubt fully the Problem here. I'm sorry but belonging to my parents' generation, I can understand how you prefer calls. But in my Generation, there are 2 types of people. Texters and callers. Although it seems that most people from my Generation are texters. Because it can fit in out daily lives more conveniently and is more private (no one can eavesdrop)

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  • Do you mention to them that you wish to be exclusive with someone? If yes, that's probably what drives them away since most people who use dating sites all they care about is getting laid.

    • Well they know that from my profile

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  • Hmm are you too clingy? What are things that you talk about?

    • Questions like these is exactly what I want answered. If I knew whether or not I'm too clingy already, why would I ask? Right? Right?

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    • No! See this is why asking me this won't work. You just need to talk to me and then maybe you'll know what it is that drives guys away

    • Lol fine! Send me a pm on here!

  • Why do you drive them away?

    • That's what I'm trying to find out! Will you do the experiment with me and tell me wth is wrong with me?

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    • I can't message you since you only allowed people you follow to message you

    • Now u can..

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