Can the honeymoon period be over within a month?

I feel like I've been with my boyfriend for ages. I still look forward to seeing him and whenever I get a phone call or text message I hope it's him. Our relationship just feels very comfortable right now and I am so used to being by myself but I have easily adapted to having to consider someone else.

I just wonder if it's normal for the butterflies to disappear so quickly. I'm not even sure if they were there to begin with since we've been friends for so long. Like I don't feel nervous about anything with him. Kisses just happen naturally and all the things I was nervous about doing with other partners seem to be a walk in the park with him. Before I would run in the other direction when it came to discussing my feelings, but now I discuss how I feel openly and it is a big change. Over this past month I've learnt so much about myself alone.

Is this how relationships are meant to be?


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  • Typically yes, this is how relationships end up being. But that's not a bad thing though.

    • I hope it isn't. I thought it took a good few months before the honeymoon stage wore off.

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  • I am now Questioning here Dear, if Now.. You are Running in the other Direction when it Comes to having Sex with him as well?
    If so, this is a problem, along with a few Other things you have stated. It is making me 'Question' if you are Truly... Happy and are Beginning to Question your Relationship?
    Of course it is Normal, Natural that in a Certain point in a Relationship, the Butterflies may go a Flying. However, Reading between the Wall and All, I have to Ask myself if you Might not feel there is Something else on the other Side of the Greener Grass?
    Do some more Soul Searching. I see Someone who May be doing More Learning More in Store 'About myself alone."
    Good luck. xx


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  • That's simply called time to move on.

    • How comes?

    • Okay that isn't the honeymoon being over. The honeymoon phase is when you think they can do no wrong and don't fight. What you are describing is normal.

  • It's amazing hold onto it! But that's only if your still interested in him?

    • Ohhh yes I sure am. I don't want to be with anyone else, no one has ever treated me this way.

    • Lucky girl x